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We all learn through play and that great adventure begins in a healthy and active childhood. It is not as common these days for children to be off gallivanting through woodland thickets, paddling in babbling brooks or playing pooh sticks off bridges. As idyllic as the image is, unsupervised wanderings are a thing of the past with growing urbanization and increased traffic on the roads. Instead, garden and school play equipment is the playground of adventurous and energetic little tykes.


The benefits of having outdoor play equipment are in the health statistics of the children. We have all heard the warnings of children becoming couch potatoes, being glued to the computer or games console. The warnings abound of an increase in childhood obesity and diabetes are in the newspapers daily and are ringing loud bells for health conscious parents. The solution starts at home with adventure equipment to scramble over, under, through and round; and can be carried on at school or playgroup with larger versions of the multi faceted climbing frames available.


Long gone are the cold and painted tubular steel frames over concrete. Play equipment available now is made from warming wood that has a chance of blending in with the surroundings. The variety of activities is amazing too. Scramble nets, slides, tubes and tunnels complement swings and rope bridges. Hidey holes and huts sit like penthouse tree houses above the sandpits and paddling pools. Yes, life for the little ones is definitely looking up.


Providing for a local community is a governmental priority and many councils run schemes that help with funding toward community playground projects.

Often, in urban regeneration areas, grants are available for adventure playgrounds. Lottery grants are also available to fund projects. For schools, playgroups, hospitals and the like, there is plenty of information out there on fundraising. Information packs for PTA committees are available from suppliers of outdoor adventure equipment.


Another aspect is playground equipment that may include a number of components or pieces. For example, the playground equipment manufacturer may include a main structure, a swing set, a climbing wall, a slide, monkey bars, a picnic table, sandbox, a ladder and/or the like. Advantageously, the playground equipment may include any desired number and type of components. Significantly, the components may be interconnected into any desired arrangement or configuration.

Price is always the deciding factor in selecting equipment. Schools, parks or for home are rarely for-profit organizations. They usually must maintain a tight budget, and spending must be kept to a minimum for economic survival. These equipments are low cost and you can purchase them at affordable prices and also you can organize and manage your school yards and play grounds. With this equipment, you can use more and more structured play area and more surface area than traditional equipment.

Before adopting the playground equipment the parents have to test very carefully the product and also it should be of high quality. The product should be free of defects and faults. This can be made sure by inspecting each product before ordering the product. Parent should tell prior to manufacturer that if the product is not up to the mark or if we find any defects in the product then they should replaced immediately ,you should take it in writing because in future if he fails to keep he’s words then from that written you can sue him for it.

On a smaller scale, investing in a hardwearing and safe play area at home is economic sense. A family home that is going to see many children raised there will benefit greatly from a sturdy timber framed kid’s kingdom. Sibling rivalry will become sibling reverie and will last for generations of fun.

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