Home Ice Maker Machine

Are you thinking about getting an ice machine to make your kitchen, bar, or office complete?  Well, we have a few tips for you.  Whether you are selecting an ice maker for the first time or choosing a replacement for your existing ice maker, we have put together a list of things you should think about before making your purchase.

Where is your ice maker going to fit?

This is something that you really need to give some thought to.  There are some very nice looking options that will make your ice maker fit in naturally.  Many ice makers fit underneath a cabinet making it convenient and natural looking.  Make sure you take appropriate measurements of the space you are needing to fill.  You might also consider a space based on temperature to save on energy costs.  You will want to find a place that has a moderate temperature.  This will be a place where you can actually control the temp.

What type of ice best suits your needs?

Think about the type of ice you want to serve.  There are several types of ice like crescent-shaped and cubed ice.  Typically, it comes down to three selections:

  • Cubed – Best suited for beverages (soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, water, tea, etc.)
  • Crushed- Also suitable for beverages excluding alcoholic beverages
  • Flaked- For display purposes (salad bars, fruit bars, seafood bars, etc.)

Out of the three the cubed ice will melt slower.  In the end, it all comes down to a matter of preference.

Think about the production and storage.

How much ice will you need?  It’s always better to be on the safe side.  If you entertain quite often, then you might consider finding a machine that will produce a great deal of ice.  Think about it in terms of guests.  A guest will require between 1-3 lbs of ice on average.  Most machines will produce between 12-30lbs  of ice per day.

Last but not least, you might want to consider the manufacturers recognition.  Choose a company that has a reputation for good ice machines and be sure to select a company that has a good manufacturers warranty.  Typically, a reputable manufacturer will offer a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

There are great ice machines available for your home, bar, office, boat, or RV.  With a little research you can find a great machine that will be the perfect fit for your needs.  I hope this article has helped you!


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