Portable Ice Maker

A seasoned camper will know what the essentials are to take along for a camping trip. But if youre a first time camper, then it is important to run a checklist. Cooking in the wilderness can be great. With the sizzling bacon in your plate and a cool drink packed with ice in your hand, you can enjoy a perfect evening. This is why a portable and compact ice maker becomes an indispensable item on everyones camping checklist. Before you get ready to pack, we suggest you buy the Danby DIM1524W Portable Ice Maker from Nebraska Furniture Mart.We think that this Danby ice maker would make an ideal choice as it comes with an amazing capacity to produce almost 33 pounds of ice in just 24 hours. And you dont have to wait for hours to get the ice ready; this compact ice maker delivers its first batch in just under10 minutes.

The Danby DIM1524W Portable Ice Maker with comes equipped with simple and soft touch controls to ensure ease of use. Unlike other ice makers, the Danby ice maker does not require direct plumbing. You simply need to get the large water reservoir of 1.0 gallon filled to get the job done.

Isnt it a great idea to have ice cubes of varying sizes? You can choose between 3 ice cube sizes from small to large with this ice maker. With an internal storage capacity of around 3 pounds you can be sure that this compact ice maker will give you enough ice cubes whenever and wherever you need them. Whats more! The removable ice basket and the self clean program ensures ease of maintenance as well.

No more fighting amongst the kids for ice. There will be plenty left for the whole family. So, if you need ice while you are on the move, then shop for the Danby white ice makers at affordable prices from NFM.

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